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Level up your game! GET ACCESS TO DAN’S internationally renowned ‘SHORT GAME SCHOOL’ ONLINE and much more!

The 3 Releases Online School combines everything covered in Dan's best-selling book and on Dan's DG Short Game School and much more!

The school is structured so you can work through it at your own pace. Enjoy delving deeply into Dan's 3 Releases around the green, pitching, bunker play and a host of specialist shots so you can become a versatile short game player. This online school has over 100 videos and is constantly growing, it covers everything you need to master the short game and help you turn it into the strongest part of your game.

If you loved the book, you will love the online school, it really brings it to life.

3 Releases: Online School

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3 Releases: Online School

What the Course Covers

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Overview of Release 1

  • Set-Up Fundamentals
  • The Backswing Key Concepts
  • The Backswing Practice Drill
  • The Downswing Key Checkpoints
  • The Downswing Practice Drill
  • Distance Control

Overview of Release 2

  • Set-Up Fundamentals
  • The Backswing Key Checkpoints
  • The Backswing Practice Drill
  • The Downswing Key Checkpoints
  • The Downswing Practice Drills
  • Release 2 In Practice

Overview of Release 3

  • Set-Up Fundamentals
  • The Backswing Key Checkpoints
  • The Backswing Practice Drills
  • The Downswing Key Checkpoints
  • The Downswing Practice Drills
  • Release 3 In Practice

Overview of The Yips

  • Curing the Yips

Overview of Slopes

  • Ball Above Feet
  • Ball Below Feet
  • Uphill Lies
  • Downhill Lies

Overview of The Rough

  • The Three Main Rough Lies
  • Standard Lie
  • Ball Sitting Up
  • Ball Sitting Down
  • Pop Shot
  • Scythe Shot

Overview of Advanced and Specalist

  • Introduction To Specialist and Advanced
  • Hybrid Chip
  • Hook Chip
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Pine Needles
  • Ball Against The Collar
  • Adjusting Your Technique For Winter Golf

Overview of Pitching

  • Overview of Pitching
  • Pitching Setup
  • The Backswing
  • The Downswing
  • Altering Trajectory
  • Pitcing from the Rough
  • Using Strong Lofts to Control Distance
  • Distance Control System
  • Practice Drills

Overview of Bunker Play Fundamentals

  • Overview of Bunker Play
  • Standard Lie Set-Up
  • Standard Lie Swing
  • Practice Drills
  • Compact Sand Set-Up
  • Companct Sand Swing
  • Deep Sand Set-Up and Swing
  • 3 Releases Bunker Review

Overview of Advanced Bunker Play

  • Uphill Lies
  • Downhill Lies
  • Ball Above Feet
  • Ball Below Feet
  • Plugged Lies
  • Short Bunker Shots
  • Long bunker Shots
  • Shank Fix
  • Predicting Spin by Reading the Lie

Practice Overview

  • Four Stages of Developing Competency
  • Types of Practice
  • Using Your Eyes
  • Your Eye Routine
  • Your Tools


Didn't get a space on one of Dan’s Courses?

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Don’t worry…this school gets you access to Dan at a fraction of the cost when compared to an in-person school.

No forgetting!

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You have the content on your device so there is no forgetting what Dan said! It is all there for you to consume again and again to reinforce.

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However, if you prefer to watch the content, you have the option. Study it in detail on your computer or quick check whilst practising.

Bring the Book to life

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This school not only replicates the in person short game school, it also covers everything in Dan's 3 Releases book, really bringing the book to life.

"Dan’s online school is absolutely amazing! If you enjoyed his book, you will love this course! It has helped me so much with my own game and development as a coach and television commentator, thanks Dan!"

Rachel Drummond, Coach, TV Commentator and former LET Professional

5 Stars Dan Grieve

“Dan's book quickly became my bible, I studied it from cover to cover and it made a huge difference to my game, this video course compliments it so well and really brings it to life”

Mark Payne

5 Stars Dan Grieve

“Superb! The quality of the videos, the quality of the content, the course has everything you need to master the short game”

Jos Buttler

5 Stars Dan Grieve

“What I love is the structured content, it guides you through the short game in a really logical, sequential order which builds on previous learnings, very clever, well done Dan!”

Sir Clive Woodward

5 Stars Dan Grieve

“I wasn't able to get a space on Dan's Short Game School at Woburn but this online school has more than made up for it!”

Tracey Roberts