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Dan Grieve Short Game
DG Short Game School

DG Short Game School

The most attended Short Game School in the world.

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The most attended Short Game School in the world, where golfers of all levels trust Dan with improving their Short Game.

Dan’s widely acclaimed DG Short Game School is set on the stunning Tavistock Short Game Area at Woburn Golf Club and there are also a selection of dates through the winter at the world-class Quinta do Lago resort in Portugal. The Short Game School is suitable for players of all levels, Dan will discuss various shots within the group, working through the 3 Releases and then work individually with you to ensure clear understanding.

Dan also hosts an Advanced Short Game School for those who have attended the standard Short Game School where you will get into how to play from tougher lies and master the art of Pitching.

Prefer to have your School in Portugal? Dan has a selection of dates based at the world class Quinta do Lago. Register your interest here

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Dan Grieve Short Game

DG Short Game School

What You Will Learn

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  • The Short Game Fundamentals
  • How to alter flight and spin
  • How to choose the correct club
  • How to adapt to different lies
  • A Short Game Routine
  • Become a versatile sand player

“Dan’s Short Game System is revolutionary”

Owen Hargreaves - Former England International Footballer

Improve your short game in 2 key ways:

1. Technique

Be able to set up correctly for the shot you face and understand your Key Points to be able to correctly execute that shot. You will be able to alter the flight and spin to develop a wider collection of short game shots in your locker.

2. Golfing IQ

You will develop a Short Game routine so you learn what shot to play where and how you can ‘read the lie’ to be able to select the right club and shot choice.

“Dan taught me a completely different way to chip and pitch which has given me so much more control”

Charley Hull - English professional golfer

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Official Partner of Dan Grieve

Join Dan At His Winter Schools, Located At The Quinta do Lago Golf Resort

Develop your Short Game routine during the Winter at the prestigious Quinta Do Lago academy, where you will learn what shot to play where, how you can ‘read the lie’ and select the correct club and shot choice.

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If you have a group of 8 from your Club who would like to come along, we can attempt to find an additional date to accommodate the booking.