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Meet Dan

Golf Coach, #1 Best selling Author, Head Professional at Woburn Golf Club, Advanced Fellow of the PGA, & Golf Monthly Top 50 Coach.

Dan is an internationally renowned golf coach and one of the most in-demand coaches in the world.

Dan has achieved success coaching Tour Professionals to 3 x European Tour Order of Merit titles, a Tour Championship and a Major Championship.

Dan spends most of his time helping amateur golfers improve their game, either through his world famous DG Short Game School, from his home at Woburn Golf Club in England to one to one lessons or various online options.

Dan has built a large social media following with over half a million followers across all of his channels, his videos in 2023 alone gathered over 50 million views from golfers all around the world, helping them to improve from his unique content and enjoy the game more.

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What Made Dan an internationally renowned Golf Coach

A Real Passion for the Game

Dan’s passion for the game is unwavering and inspiring for both amateur and professional golfers to improve from his unique content.

Worldwide Coverage

Dan has a reputation for coaching and mentoring players all over the world, coaching Tour Professionals to victories in numerous Championships.

Zero Barriers

Dan offers a range of coaching options, including one to one lessons, group lessons and various online schools, catering to golfers of all skill levels.

Engaging and Simple

Dan’s engaging and simple approach makes learning the game both enjoyable and accessible, ensuring that golfer to grasp key techniques effortlessly.

Dan Grieve Golf Book

International Best Selling Book

3 Releases: The Book

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Dan is widely know for his Short Game System, The 3 Releases which he came up with over a decade ago and soon realiised how golfers of all levels seemed to enjoy the simplicity of his system. In 2021 Dan began writing his book and it released in 2022 and immeidiatly recieved critical aclaim across the golf industry and it went on to become the best selling golf book of 2023.

“Dan’s Short Game System is revolutionary”

Owen Hargreaves - Former England International Footballer

PGA Tour
Dan Grieve Feature

In the last year Dan has featured in every major golF magazine around the world several times.

Partner With Dan

Dan works in close collaboration with well-known golf brands, creating compelling content that highlights their commitment to the sport. These partnerships place a strong emphasis on providing valuable content to the audience while also authentically portraying the brands with credibility and integrity.
Dan has a huge social media presence, with unprecedented user engagement levels, he is one of the most influential people in the golf industry globally.

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